The Upcoming Solana-Based DEX Platform Allows Customized Trading Bots

A Look into Solana

If we say that there’s someone who’s competing Ethereum with full might, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s Solana. Having its birth in the April of 2020, Solana has come a long way to become the sixth-largest cryptocurrency around the world.

Soldex — Solana’s Upcoming DEX Platform

It has been heard that Solana will be presenting a new DEX platform quite soon by the name of “Soldex” which will come with the amazing feature where users will be able to create as well as deploy their own trading bots or algorithms. Yes, we’re just as excited as you are. Let us have a detailed understanding of what is to be expected from Soldex.

The Benefit of AI and ML

As we mentioned earlier, Soldex is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms with the help of which users can develop their own trading bots based on their own criteria of budget, time, crypto volatility, and risk tolerance.

Closing Thoughts

At the present time, Soldex is having a private sale with interested investors. However, it is all set to excite crypto users all around and will help in attracting more and more users towards the crypto world.



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