Make This Christmas Extra Special, Gift a Crypto or NFT to Loved Ones

Are you beaming with Christmas excitement? As Christmas is approaching with all the wonders it always brings joy for people of all ages. Everyone’s hoping for a surprise gift while waking up on Christmas morning, besides your pillow. And yes, you also have to deliver some special presents to your loved ones, not just the other way.

Let’s together plan something extraordinary this year to celebrate and enhance the charm of the eve, along with goodbye to the year 2021. Thousands of people are still unaware of the perfect present to be gifted, but now with the changing air of the technological environment, gifting trends have been changed and you can now surprise your beloveds with some cryptos as a very special Christmas present

We are here to help you out to fascinate them with some bitcoins or altcoins.

Are Crypto and Bitcoin a Worthy Present?

From a financial point of view, this would have actually been a very smart thing for a granny to do from the very start of the crypto era. Up until now, Gifting just $10 in bitcoin once a year, on Christmas day, would have been increased up to 96.2% since its first launch in January 2009.

So this shows how much of a valuable gift btcoin or any good crypto would make and how much happiness and pleasure it would provide to the receiver.

How to Deal with Crypto Gifts:

At first, it may seem confusing to some, but it is actually the easiest way to give any gift to your dear ones at any event. As now Christmas is near, so you are going to decide which cryptocurrency is favorable for you to buy as a gift for your loved ones.

If you are gifting to a new user of crypto, you must go for one of the notable coins or a bitcoin because it will be easily available on the famous blockchain platforms. Otherwise, if you opt for the less common coins then you should first analyze its market capitalization from the platforms like CoinMarketCap.

After deciding which cryptocurrency or digital asset is to be sent, look for the platforms, exchanges, and mobile apps to purchase them. Some of the mobile apps are given below that might help in this regard.


This app has introduced a feature of ‘bitcoin and stock gifting’ and users here are not bound to buy bitcoin beforehand unless it is to be sent.


This mobile banking app is feasible as 53 different cryptocurrencies can be sent to one another and once bought with this app, they can’t be sold or sent to other platform users.


This app also supports the feature of crypto gifting. You have to set up the Coinbase account beforehand and only five cryptocurrencies are supported in this app i.e. bitcoin, litecoin, ether, stellar lumen and bitcoin cash.

Presenting NFTs as Gift:

If you are looking for something more unique and artistic then there is an option of NFTs being sent to a person’s wallet using an NFT marketplace instead of crypto exchange as in the case of sending cryptocurrency.

One of the most widely used NFT marketplaces is OpenSea, built on the Ethereum blockchain that needs to set up a compatible wallet service to buy and sell NFTs. Ethereum based crypto wallet is MetaMask which runs in your Chrome or Firefox.

To send an NFT through it, click the NFT tab and locate the NFT stored there in your wallet and click the “send” button. Here, the transfer’s complete.


So, let’s cherish Christmas Eve by giving special gifts to one another. Cryptocurrencies are a more popular and suitable gift that is presented to dear ones in this rapid and fast-moving technological era.




Accelerating the blockchain revolution

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Accelerating the blockchain revolution

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