How to Explore and Step into the Metaverse; A Short Brief

Quecko Inc
3 min readJun 14, 2022

The concept of metaverse is really interesting and mind blowing for the first-time users. It is all about an internet life, interacting with each other and playing games. This is exactly what is being done by Facebook and other upcoming projects.

A lot of real-world activities are being undertaken within the metaverse and this is not limited up to education, a workplace, playing games, participating in decision-making councils for the metaverses but a lot more.

Let’s see how to get into this miraculous world and experience its fantasy.

Getting into the metaverse does not require you to be a tech-savvy and well-aware of the concept, but yes you just need a system with internet, a cryptocurrency wallet to carry out all the transactions inside the metaverse, and smart glasses.

How to Get Started?

Step 1: Get Your Avatar:

This avatar will represent you in virtual space. Once you login to any metaverse, it will prompt you to choose and customize what your avatar will look like. You can choose from a variety of clothes, hairstyles, skin tones, accessories, body shape, size, etc.

Moreover, you can also purchase all these by using your crypto through various retail shops inside the Metaverse.

Step 2: See and Explore Around:

Just like the real world, the metaverse offers a variety of interactive options to talk to people by using messages, video calls, and search engines.

Take a walk around and understand the world, understand what and where everything is situated, and understand how you would interact with the shopkeepers and other different types of characters.

Step 3: Engage in Video Games:

This is going to be one of an important means of entertainment for your virtual avatar. There are so many types of games you can play i.e shooting, racing, action and horror.

Each game carries its own reward system for the top regular players and these would be in the form of crypto tokens. To experience the metaverse in a wider sense, these games are played with a VR headset.

Step 4: Attend Virtual Events:

Another major exciting factor for metaverse is the virtual events! Either organize one for your friends like a birthday party or an office meeting or attend the events organized by others like a concert. Roblox has already begun curating incredible virtual events such as a Gucci Fashion Show.

In the future, it is also expected that work meetings are to be held virtually on the Metaverse with 3D avatars of each of the employees.

Step 5: Explore how Cryptos and NFTs Work:

In the virtual world, you buy and sell items and NFTs through cryptocurrency. It requires to look deeply into which cryptocurrencies are accepted in Metaverse, the mode of transactions, the general pricing, where do you store the tokens, and where the NFTs are stored.

To understand how the buying and selling of NFTs work, the real-world marketplace for it like is a good place to begin with. It is very vital to be very well aware of the platform to start with.

Summing up:

Hope this guide on getting into the metaverse helps you to have the plethora of activities you can do inside it. It is exciting and there’s so much more to expect in the coming months and years! So, get started with metaverses right away.