Ethereum Blockchain Alternative for Social Media Security Problems

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have come a long way and attracted a lot of attention in the past few years. With more benefits surfacing up with each coming day, crypto and its related products are entering the spotlight. Social media is the recent tech that has entered the world of crypto.

We all know how much important part social media plays in our lives. Especially, the youth are addicted to it. From numerous points of view, we use social media in our day-to-day life. However, most of us are not aware of the security breaches that come with the use of social platforms.

One thing that always upsets social media users is the security. Social platforms have always been targeted for their absence of complete encryption and defective existing protection approaches. However, it seems that social media centralization has come to an end as blockchain-based arrangements are entering the social space.

That’s why the most vital part of everything is, maybe, the requirement for complete encryption on such stages. Although most significant social media stages guarantee to have complete encryption set up, they frequently expect clients to associate with a telephone number. This puts a user’s privacy at risk.

One big social media giant, Facebook, is always under fire for its misuse of private information. The dangers of Facebook controlling our identity are already obvious. So, it’s the right time that we move one to much safer standards through which there’s no compromise on the security of users’ private data.

Apart from security issues, we all know that a total right to speak freely is missing in most centralized stages like social media platforms. So, one best alternative for this is to use blockchain services for decentralization as well as security purposes on social media.

In case you have used your social media accounts to log into some other online services, you are actually providing your private info on a platter to these social platforms.

One alternative here is signing up using Ethereum. This way, you can use your Ethereum wallet as an identifier on online services you want to avail, rather than using your Facebook ID or other social IDs because when you do the latter, the social platforms can have a complete hold over your information.

And when you use Ethereum wallets, no private info is disclosed, not even your name. This is because your name isn’t even attached to your wallet, making it extremely safe as an identifier. This way, not every service you use will have a hold on your private information.

Spruce Systems is currently in the development phase of such standards for social media. Going forward, we’ll see more and more use cases of such decentralized works in social media platforms. Since everyone wants privacy and their info to be safe, blockchain can prove to be an effective solution here.

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