An Introductory Guide to MetaMask Wallet

To match the needs of any business problem in a practical way, blockchain technology, along with its various facets, is here to assist us.

When you plan to get into crypto and decide which currency to invest in, you first require to set up a crypto wallet, to organize the crypto portfolios.

MetaMask is also one of the crypto wallets and a very popular crypto application that stores and swaps NFT tokens, synchronize the wallet across multiple devices to send and receive the cryptocurrency, and to familiarize them with the Ethereum’s ecosystem.

Why to Prioritize MetaMask over Other Wallets:

MetaMask is performing its function as a desktop browser for Chrome and Firefox and released its mobile version for both Android and iOS devices in September 2020.

In quite a short span of time, it has proved for being a self-managed and non-custodial wallet due to its best user experience.

The best part is that it has mainly played an important role in skyrocketing the fast usage of crypto and blockchain technology with around ten million monthly active users till August 2021. It also made the decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) grow like a fire and simplifies the Ethereum user experience into a concise wallet interface.

In this article, you are going to learn about some of the use cases of metamask to get to know more about the wallet and its future concerns.

Use Cases of MetaMask:

Storage Space:

Metamask for sure stores the tokens created on Ethereum’s ERC-721 and ERC-20 so that users can easily create and navigate among several wallet addresses.

Other than this, users can create an account, with a set of seed phrases to retrieve it if required. The metamask application makes it easy to let the users store their private keys in a safe manner.

Swap the Tokens:

One of the significant use case is its conduction of peer-to-peer trade of tokens direct from the wallet without transacting through any DEX, liquidity model or order book. In this way it reduces the chance of increased frauds and cost.

Provides the Access to Different Products:

It opens the way to easily enter and access the world of Defi and sectors of blockchain like NFTs, Ethereum-based dApps, Ethereum-powered games and crypto lending products etc.

Furthermore, to manage all this without handling the external wallet integrations is now becoming more popular in metamask’s built-in crypto wallet.


To sum up the paper, it is thus obvious that MetaMask is a wallet with various features making it distinguished than others. It does not regulate personal information of users on network and everything is protected and encrypted on user’s browsers and in passwords.



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